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If you are thinking of having a presence on the Internet, for your business or for your company, before creating your website or web design hong kong, before entering into that adventure (because, yes, it is quite an adventure), you must take into account a series of very important factors , that will influence everything you do during the process of creating your website.

In the same way that in the manufacture of a product, however simple, it influences the design of an engineer, the materials with which it is manufactured, the machinery to manufacture it, the logistics and the final sale, in a web as well, although in different ways. First of all, before creating your new website, is to choose the correct domain. If you have a brand, the logical thing is that the domain is the name of the brand. Or it can also be the name of the company.

If you are interested in highlighting your products or services, regardless of the brand or the name of the company, you can use a domain related to your product, your service or the appropriate theme of it. There is an entity that regulates the domains of the entire Internet, called ICANN , so do not worry, everything is controlled. If the answer is to be known, use the name of the brand or company. If the answer is to sell and generate more income, use an appropriate name for the product or service you sell.

You are an expert in hypnotizing chickens. To learn more about the guidelines on how to choose a good domain for your website, I recommend that you consult an expert in online marketing.

You can also check numerous articles on blogs in the sector where you can follow some small guidelines to choose the right domain for your website. I recommend reading the article by Ignacio Santiago about 12 keys to choose the best domain name for your website.

There are many companies that offer web hosting services. Some very cheap, others very expensive. Each one in a country. What really matters in these cases is not the price (although also, but to a lesser extent), if not the benefits of hosting.

You have to know that before creating your website you have to look carefully at the type of hosting that suits you. Do not fall short, you can not do everything you want, or give you to compete with NASA itself. You must be clear about how your website will be, what it will contain and why you want it. Return to the same question as before: “What final goal do I want to achieve with my website?” The answer will give you what you really need.

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