Exercise, an ally in the face of joint pain

Other rheumatic diseases, such as gout, usually affect the big toe or ankles. The specialist emphasizes that “taking into account that there are more than 250 rheumatic diseases, in the case of joint pain, a good clinical history must be made in order to arrive at the correct diagnosis”.

It must be taken into account, as Romera explains, that “joint pain appears when there is an injury or a rheumatic disease Flekosteel Review, so unfortunately it can not be prevented.” The most important in these cases is “perform physical exercise regularly to promote joint mobility and strengthen the muscles.” Although in the case of an inflammatory outbreak, relative rest is recommended so as not to aggravate the symptoms.

In addition, once the exact cause of the pain is known, it is necessary to protect the joints to prevent the progression of the disease. There are also beliefs that some foods can reduce or even prevent joint pain, but, according to the specialist, “there are no specific dietary recommendations for rheumatic diseases,” although he admits that “it is advisable to have a balanced diet to avoid obesity and, in some cases, ensuring a correct calcium intake “.

In addition, it is advisable to avoid toxic habits, such as smoking and excessive consumption of alcohol, and to follow other healthy ones, such as having adequate footwear and getting a good night’s rest Flekosteel. Natural medicine provides solutions in each case, then the natural therapist Javier Mansa gives us some particularly useful methods.

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