Eggs of parasites

They transform into adults there, where they stick their heads to the intestinal wall. The females move from this area to the rectum and anus, usually at night. There they lay their eggs Detoxic Review, which adhere to the edges of the anus and the skin that surrounds it. The entire cycle of this whole process lasts about a month.

Some parasites have a complex form of resistance that allows them to be in the environment and not be eliminated despite contact with bleach. The lye and iodine are not ineffective for the elimination of bacteria or viruses, but with eggs of parasites.

You should try to buy the cleanest fruits we can. In the wash you should use running water or water with bleach in fruits and vegetables such as apples, oranges or lettuce Detoxic Review. In the case of strawberries or blueberries, you should create a solution with water and a drop of neutral liquid soap to get rid of all the eggs of parasites.

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