Depends on many variables

He has also raised this question to people of a certain age because he considers that only the old can respond with authority to the subject Alvera Tone Review. They have lived many of the phases of life and know from experience exactly what happens during it, while young people do not know what it means to be old and therefore tend to underestimate age, he explains.

The answer, as the expert has seen, depends on many variables, including whether the person values ​​the physical, psychological or financial well-being more. If for you the important thing is the body, the ideal age will be 25 years because that is when most are in better shape.

But if what is important is psychological well-being, the age between 50 and 70 will be the best because there most people feel comfortable under their own skin Alvera Tone Review, Olshansky argues. For those whose financial aspect is crucial, the best time of life could be 50, since by then people may have managed to accumulate heritage and experience.

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