Prevent aging

Once obtained the results of the different tests, we designed a personalized treatment of biological medicine oriented, either to prevent aging, or to stop it and combat its effects AmbroSina, taking into account detoxification protocols of the body and anti stress.

In Biosalud we have a wide range of techniques that we combine in our treatments: ozone therapy, serum therapy, bioresonance, immunoregulation, electronic acupuncture, laser therapy and neural therapy AmbroSina. The treatments are followed in our facilities and at home, with guidelines to follow an adequate diet.

The trend towards personalization in medicine is not new, although its application is still difficult. This philosophy has also reached anti-aging medicine.

Glucose within the skin

Within this section we’ll evaluate certain genetic markers that, for instance, influence glycation, a procedure occurring with glucose within the skin AmbroSina Skin Cream, which is among the primary reasons for faster aging of your skin and dermal inflammation leading towards the skin flaccid and cracked.

There are particular treatments which are very efficient for those who have a bad genetic predisposition to glycation. Oxidative stress is yet another major reason for aging. The body features its own antioxidant system AmbroSina Skin Cream, although not everybody has this technique as efficient.

With this genetic data we are able to observe how the body behaves within this aspect and we’ll observe how to assist it within this process based on our genomics.

Skin care routine

People frequently ask us concerning the order by which skincare products ought to be applied. The overall rule would be to first use the product using the finest effect or even the additional care product (Inno Gialuron Review, concentrate, eye cream) prior to the fluid or general moisturizer.

Sun-protection is a vital part of your skin care routine every morning. Excessive contact with Ultraviolet sun rays can dry your skin and imperfections may cause pigmentation problems if uncovered towards the sun excessively. It’s also remember this that medicines for acne can increase much more sensitivity towards the ultraviolet sun rays of acne-prone skin. More details within the section titled Acne and sun-protection.

Only use products which have been specifically formulated for acne-prone skin and also have proven their non-comedogenic character Inno Gialuron Review. Make sure you take away the remains of makeup before you go to bed. More details within the section titled “Makeup for skin vulnerable to imperfections”.

Skin regains its tone

If you already have lines of expression that are more or less marked and you do not know how to rejuvenate the face quickly or do not know the latest in aesthetics without surgery Goji Cream Review, take note of these facelift treatments without surgery because they can be the solution to your problem.

Japanese Lifting: this facelift consists of a neuro-sensory therapy, which in turn comprises several disciplines, combining shiatsu, foot reflexology and lymphatic drainage. This lifting is what stimulates the upper layer of the dermis, the entire nervous system, the lymphatic system and the musculature. In this way, the skin regains its tone and it feels younger and more luminous.

Ultherapy: under this name is one of the liftings that is the latest in aesthetics without surgery and that has become very popular for being the one that many Hollywood celebrities become Goji Cream Review. This lifting has the particularity that it allows to rejuvenate the face, apart from elevating it and remodeling it.